What Causes Clogged Drains?

A clogged drain can derail your weekend plans and leave a mess in its wake. Once you find drain cleaning services near Sacramento, consider the major causes for clogged drains and how you can avoid them in the future. Following a maintenance schedule is easy, compared with calling an emergency plumber and doing cleanup detail.

Trees and Leaves

The changing leaves in autumn provide a spectacular rainbow of bold reds, rust oranges, and cheerful yellows. As your yardwork list changes from mowing the lawn to preparing for winter, don’t forget to rake the leaves and move them away from your home’s drains. They’re a major problem that leads to serious clogs. Another lesser-known enemy of clear drains are tree roots that attack your sewer line for water, eventually cracking open the pipe and blocking it.

Grease and Fat

Anything that you put into your drain either sticks in the pipe or is flushed down it with water. Grease and fat are two of the stickiest ingredients in clogged drains, and won’t wash away without adding enzymes to break them down. The best course of action is to avoid flushing them down the sink.


Unlike other buildups, hair is easy to catch before it enters the drain. Several types of covers exist that will minimize the amount of hair that makes it to the drain. Once a clog starts, more hair will build up until the matted blockage makes passage difficult for water.

Foreign Objects

Food and soap are two common ingredients that build up and clog drains that normally flow freely. With time, these buildups can fully block a drain. More exotic items also sometimes find their way into drains. On rare occasions, a child might enjoy the rush and merriment of shoving something into a toilet or drain, such as a favorite toy.

If drain cleaning is in your immediate future, call Rapid Rooter Plumbing at (916) 448-2672. We’ve been clearing yard debris and hair balls from drains since 1974. Satisfied customers walk away knowing they’ve received high-quality service from the experts.

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