Examining Some Common Plumbing Mistakes

Plumbing Tips

You may know a lot about how your kitchen sink works, but what about your shower or water heater? Whether or not you understand your plumbing, there’s always the chance that your friends and family may not, and they could accidentally cause a problem when you’re not looking. In order to avoid the need for plumbing services near Sacramento, there are a few concepts you should keep in mind when going about your daily life.

Improper Garbage Disposal Use
Believe it or not, your garbage disposal is not actually a trash compactor. In other words, you should not be tossing anything and everything down that hole in your sink. In fact, a lot of food items that might otherwise seem safe for the blades of a disposal can either break them or send them to a grinding halt. Avoid using your garbage disposal for items such as potato peels, fatty meat scraps, and oily or greasy items.

Misusing Water Fixtures
Your shower head isn’t actually intended to be used as a hanger. Despite the fact that there are a lot of furniture items designed for this purpose, the truth is that hanging a lot of heavy items on your plumbing fixtures can damage them. In addition, you shouldn’t apply a lot of force when turning your water on and off with a faucet handle. Cranking the handle too much can actually break it instead of stopping that persistent leak, causing you more problems in the long run.

Flushing the Wrong Materials
This should be obvious, but there are still cases where people use drains and toilets to dump damaging materials and chemicals. In particular, construction materials can harden in your drains and cause blockages that are costly to repair. Don’t create another activity for yourself in the process of your current DIY project; dispose of these materials properly.

If you’re worried that you may need a plumber in Sacramento, Rapid Rooter Plumbing offers expert plumbing repair service. Call (916) 448-2672 to make sure that your mistake doesn’t become a headache.

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